Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

happy easter!/ Damien Dempsey – Ghosts Of Overdoses

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545861_10150768266804047_604289046_11400887_1188841737_n   So for this Easter I am posting the lyrics and YouTube video of Damien Dempsey’s Ghosts of Overdoses. It is as powerful poignant song done by a most wonderful artist in his prime. Years ago I worked in Dublin at the Ana Liffey Drugs Project. It was not my first experience working with drug users – at that time I had about 13 years having done so in the States. But like each it was equally a wonderful, difficult and heartbreaking experience.
So with regards to Easter and this song – I think the message of Easter is that we, all of us, each and every one get crucified in life and too each of us have the potential to rise again from that crucifixion. I would ask you to read and listen to the lyrics. To contemplate your own crucifixion and your own potential for resurrection. 

I would also wish all those tender  souls that over the years I have worked with, to be at peace and be blessed with a most wonderful and brilliant resurrection.

Damien Dempsey – Ghosts Of Overdoses

 Famine days, drove us here, off the land,
They tried to clear, Now they drive you

From The cities, to make way for all the yuppies
They stood back, and didn't act,
Those in power, should have been sacked,
Decimate the inner cities, move them out, bring in the wealthy.
Hey little baby, I wanna take you from here
I wanna take you away from here
Hey little baby, dont wanna see you on the gear
Cos it's so hard to find your find your back
Hey little baby, it's every parents worst fear,
For their child to end up on smack.

There was pills, there was tabs
There was pain and needle jabs
And the ghosts overdoses
Replace the ghosts of tuberculois
There was dust and there was liquid
You could buy for just a few quid
And escape out of the jungle
To return and crawl and stumble
You lie, I cry, Please don't go
Now I walk, along these streets,
All the ghosts, they walk their beats
Up to flats and into stairwells,
Where they lie, in heroin hell
Little kids, they walk right through them,
I just hope they don't become them.