Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sometimes the ache of the morning strangely comforts my newly mind. Rings of something other and uninfluenced by reason or my demands cushions the joints circles and supports the ridges of my spine. There is a wilderness within no matter how seemingly repetitive remains day after day uncharted. People who do not know me see sedate a careful methodical awareness each deliberate movement each meditational syllable, a person of wise restraint. I have been asked by strangers what should they do to stop arguing themselves to death. You should know, you seem to have such inner peace. The paradoxical effect of caffeine and old pain, instead I tell them things I can't just now remember. Probably something like Zen, Joseph Campbell and space together and apart. Sometimes when i cannot wear my contacts and the glasses make me sea sick, the soft world of grass and clouds soothes and I gently watch outside through the window across until the briar's even thorns of velvet wondering what may eventually emerge as through minor maladies and discomfort I am removed enough to maybe get the impression of the connected and therefor invisible dots. What separates sky from earth?

Monday, February 20, 2012

why we like bone orchard poetry

first of all is a cool name

second there is an irish connection

and third but not last nor least - they have impeccable and courageously good taste when it comes to poetry
the link below will provide ample and beyond a doubt proof of same

four newly published ones by pd lyons

Bone Orchard Poetry: Pd Lyons-

Bone Orchard Poetry: Pd Lyons-: As Long As Its You When you breathe it is my name. When you stare, Your own eyes black pools, Liquid movements synchronize my own...