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ruff a winter poem by pd lyons


                                                                   and would I know

still sliding down
silvering  window
soft whispers
smoke secrets
and all those winter fires gone before
each ghost arrives upon the gale
welcomed beside the hearth
each breath of my own
rare and gifted by such drifters

non comerical xmas message (a bit of fun)

There is also a rival theory of the origins of Santa’s paraphernalia – hid red and white colour scheme, those flying reindeer, and so on – which is more fun, less commercial, more scientific and somehow more appealing ( possibly because it is politically incorrect). Patrick Harding of Sheffield University argues that the traditional image of Santa and his flying reindeer owes a great deal to what is probably the most important mushroom in history: fly agaric (Amanita muscania). Before vodka was imported from the east, this was the preferred recreational and ritualistic mind-altering drug in parts of northern Europe.

Each December, this mycologist, or fungi expert, dresses up as Santa and drags a sledge behind him to deliver seasonal lectures on the fly agaric. The costume helps Harding drive home his point, for he believes Santa’s robes honour the mushroom’s red cap and white dots. Commonly found in northern Europe, North America and New Zealand, fly agaric is fairly poisonous, being a relative of other more lethal mushrooms, the death cap (Amanita phalloides) and destroying angel (Amanita virosa). The hallucinogenic properties of fly agaric are derived from the chemicals iobotenic acid and muscimol, according to the International Mycological Institute at Egham Surrey. Ibotenic acid is present only in fresh mushrooms. When the mushroom is dried it turns into muscimol, which is ten times more potent. In traditional Lapp societies, the village holy man, or shaman, took his mushrooms dried – with good reason.

The shaman knew how to prepare the mushroom, removing the more potent toxins so that it was safe to eat. During a mushroom-induced trance, he would start to twitch and sweat. He believed that his soul left his body, taking the form of an animal, and flew to the other world to communicate with the spirits, who would, he hoped, help him to deal with pressing problems, such as an outbreak of sickness in the village. With luck, after his hallucinatory flight across the skies, the shaman would return bearing gifts of knowledge from the gods. ‘Hence the connotation of the gift of healing, rather than something from the shops, as it is today’, Patrick Harding says.

Santa’s jolly ‘Ho-ho-ho’ may be the euphoric laugh of someone who has indulged in the mushroom. Harding adds that the idea of dropping down chimneys is an echo of the manner in which the shaman would drop into a yurt, an ancient tent- like dwelling mad of birch and reindeer hide: ‘The “door” and the chimney of the yurt were the same, and the most significant person coming down the chimney would have been a shaman coming to heal the sick.’ So how does Harding explain the importance of reindeer in the myth? For one thing, the animals were uncommonly fond of drinking the human urine that contained muscimol: ‘Reindeer enjoyed getting high on it,’ he says. ‘Whether they roll on their backs and kick their legs in the air, I am not sure.’

The villagers were also partial to the mind-expanding yellow snow because the muscimol was not greatly diluted – and was probably safe- once it passed through the shaman. In fact, ‘There is evidence,’ says Harding, ‘of the drug passing through five or six people and still being effective. This is almost certainly the derivation of the British phrase “to get pissed”, which has nothing to do with alcohol. It predates inebriation by alcohol be several thousand years.’ Such was the intensity of the drug-induced experience that it is hardly surprising that the Christmas legend includes flying reindeer….

from: Can Reindeer Fly? The Science Of Christmas, by Roger Highfield

merry christmas to all

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new unbound content publications

unbound CONTENT is proud to announce the launch a new full-length poetry collection by PMPope: Written All Over Your Face{book}! PMPope joins the unbound CONTENT family with this, his poetic exploration of social networking. An expert in all things multimedia, he uses modern communication to get to the heart of intimacy. Whether you love posting status updates or hate the reach of technology into private space, this book has something to say to you. There's a poem for every viewpoint and some that merely observe. 

Written All Over Your Face{book} is available in print here: https://www.createspace.com/3696792 

excellent quality magazine well worth the read


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pd lyons poetry: B-11202011 - rentals - sweetness.MOV

pd lyons poetry: B-11202011 - rentals - sweetness.MOV

ruth stone


 Sad times for poetry lovers and Vermonters alike. Famous writer and former Vermont Poet Laureate Ruth Stone has passed away. She was 96.
Stone wrote poems for decades but it wasn't until she reached her 80s and 90s that she saw success. Now her books are sold in places nationwide, including bookstores in her own state, such as Phoenix Books in Essex Junction.

B-11202011 - rentals - sweetness.MOV

Monday, November 14, 2011

vox poetica/Contributor Series 10!

RE: Contributor Series 10!
Monday, 14 November 2011, 0:07

Hi PD,
Your poem, Dark Matter, has been accepted as part of Contributor Series 10. It is scheduled to post on the today’s words page of vox poetica on the night of December 7.
As with other works published at vox poetica, rights to your work remain with you, although I do ask that you credit vox poetica if you choose to reprint elsewhere. I do expect this series to be anthologized at some point in the near future. You will be contacted about that at a later date. Please reply to this e-mail indicating that you accept these terms. Inclusion in the series will not occur without your reply to this e-mail.
I will not be including bios in the series, but rather a link to your most recent poem at vox poetica. It is my intent to let the work of this series speak for itself so I will not be introducing the work with my own words.
Congratulations on this acceptance!
Annmarie Lockhart
And i say
Dear Annmarie
thank you very much for your support!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Achill cottage industry

An Achill cottage industry

An Achill cottage industry

BOOKS: Achill Island seems an unlikely base for a Belgian and South Korean book artist duo, yet that’s where Franticham decided to set up. ANDY DEVANE finds out what drew them there

WHEN BELGIAN book artist Francis Van Maele first laid eyes on an abandoned cottage on Achill Island in the mid-1990s, he was entranced. Situated in Dugort village, in the shadow of Slievemore mountain, the cottage was just metres from the Atlantic. In 2005, after becoming the cottage’s owner, he set up home there and established Red Fox Press, a printing studio in which he creates his own limited-edition books.

That same year, while exhibiting at a book fair in Seoul, Van Maele asked if he could sit next to South Korean artist Antic-Ham at a sushi bar. It was to be the beginning of an artistic journey that would shape both their lives and careers. Over the summer the pair created what was to be the first of many books together, Night in Seoul. When it came time to say goodbye, they decided to make collage “diaries of separation” – started by one in Achill and finished by the other in Asia.

That winter they spent a month in London, where they combined romance with an intense artistic collaboration. It was then that they decided to merge their artistic identities and work as one unit, and so Francis and Antic-Ham became Franticham.

Mirroring the visual poetry of her books, Antic-Ham speaks in deep, poetic terms. When first separated from Van Maele, she had a sudden urge to go to the coast, and although the East China Sea is quite a distance from Blacksod Bay, she imagined that if she were a fish she could swim, somehow, all the way to Achill Island. Since then the fish motif has become prevalent in their collaborative work.

Antic-Ham was born in Seoul in 1974, and she divides her time between South Korea and Achill, spending about seven months a year in the latter. She is highly focused on her work, and insists that although love is the most important thing in her life, work is of equal importance.

Van Maele was born near Bruges in 1947, and ran a successful publishing house in Luxembourg before moving to Ireland. Although silk-screen printing is a labour- intensive process, he makes it sound almost effortless. “You can print on anything: paper, cardboard, boxes. You can print text, simple images and very elaborate art work. You just need a good table, hinges, a few screens and colours. All the printing is done here in Dugort.”

Given their remote location, the couple’s level of self-sufficiency in the production of such specialised work is remarkable. As Van Maele explains, “smaller books are laser-printed or inkjet-printed in our conservatory, and all bookbinding is done here as well. We use about 20 different kinds of papers, depending on projects, and we order them in the UK and Luxembourg or send them from South Korea.”

“Most of our books are limited editions and most of our collectors are in the US, then the UK, Europe and Australia. We make less than 1 per cent of our sales in Ireland.”

Van Maele is bemused to see his early work sell at auctions on the continent for 10 times its original sale price.

The couple travels to about 10 book fairs a year in cities such as London, Paris, New York and Frankfurt. They describe the fairs as essential for meeting collectors and librarians, who represent the bulk of their business, and although they enjoy visiting big cities, they are always happy to return to their adopted Achill.

The island’s rugged beauty and Atlantic air appear to fuel their creative energy. “I can’t imagine living in any other place,” says Van Maele, adding that one advantage of living on Achill is having plenty of time to work undisturbed. Despite this, the couple open their studio every summer, although Van Maele notes wryly that “as the signs do not say ‘coffee shop’ or ‘craft shop’, people coming in are already filtered”.

Canadian filmmaker Heather Fletcher met the pair in London in 2005. “Being a hopeless romantic, I was enraptured with their story,” she says. The next year she flew to Ireland to make a short film of the Franticham story. Over four days, which she describes as a “magical experience”, Fletcher produced Lost Seouls – Diary of Two Fish , a touching 14-minute film of Franticham’s life and work.

Like exotic birds swept off course, this colourful couple cut a dash as they stroll along Dugort’s Golden Strand. Van Maele says: “I think we are very fortunate to combine life and work. We’re on the exact same wavelength, and we enjoy it fully.”

See redfoxpress.com. Heather Fletcher’s film Lost Seouls – Diary of Two Fish is on YouTube

Poems by Morgan Lyons appear in print!

Volume 70
Poetry Lisa Vinsant
Melva Sue Priddy
Chris Mattingly
Lynnell Edwards
Marcia Menter
Peter Cooley
Tori Sharpe
Allison Seay
R. T. Smith
Carrie Shipers
Brent Fisk
Billy Reynolds
Judith Harris
Leslee Rene Wright
Peter Makuck
Amy Eisner
Sarah Kennedy
Jeff Hardin
Ronald Wallace
David Eye
Gregory Crosby
Catherine MacDonald
Claire McQuerry
Kim Bradley
Liz Iversen
Angela Jackson-Brown
Tamar Jacobs
Robert L. Kaiser
Lyz Lenz
Bridgett Jensen
Robert Finch

Joe Oestreich

See the issue here (pdf).

Poems by Morgan Lyons appear in print! You can order copy of magazine or download pdf for free. Morgans work begins on page 147. She is most cool.

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nice to be accepted

railroad poetry project/ why we like them -

http://railroadpoetryproject.wordpress.com/Dear P D Lyons,
Many thanks for reaching out. As you know I am a big fan of your poetry.
We would be happy to include ‘Box Set’ ‘The Factories Of Men And Beer’ and ‘Grandview Avenue’ in issue 2.
Please could you let me know which links you would like us to plug and also send over a short bio. We are all about helping poets get the recognition they deserve.
One more thing, could you just verify something for me. In ‘Box Set’ a line reads ‘Inter racional national vagrant’ could you just confirm that this is exactly how you intend it to read.
Once again, many thanks for getting involved.
J.L Willetts – editor

pdlyons poetry project you tube

PD Lyons Poetry Project

God Lights a Cigarette
On the wood, shadows. Down the
windows, hazy through the drapes
spills the rain. The night,
curving rolling with motion still
whispers with winters needley lips:
everything is passing through me.
There is you with your joy – me,
I’m trying to find depressions,
though I’m not sure what I feel.
You are magic mingling essences –
I am day dreaming on physical matters…
my lamp flickers with distress,
it moves the room with my voice:
help me
I’m drowning,
To be born of your music,
in your magic my life blooms,
my thoughts, words – dissolve into
rich emotions tuned to immortality.
Lost in the lighting of a match,
in between the space and flame –
I become the sparkle in your eyes,
then I return…
Slowly I am returned,
I am the gold ring in your ear -
the unnoticed sensation.
You are cosmic and I am waiting
for the next match.

pd lyons available on amazon.com now!

Rumours of Another Summer

Authored by PD Lyons
Modern Irish American poetry of a very fine sort

Publication Date:
Jul 27 2011
1463769288 / 9781463769284
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
6″ x 9″
Black and White
Related Categories:
Literary Collections / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh

Rumours of Another Summer
List Price: $10.00

31 october


may all who journey remember
tonight the new year begins. tonight the old fades and yet not quite disappears. we mark this night with memory and renewal. all beings make the journey dark to light, light to dark. all beings live and pass away. all beings know sorrow, know joy. all with varying degree of fear. tonight we will be fearless remembering our dead, those who are now gone from us, as well as hopes and dreams, gone lost out grown out dated. we will without fear look at what truly was and then what truly is. only through that courage may we come to peace with our ghosts and haunting. only through our courage to be honest will we find a way of peace for ourselves. and so we make the offerings, our smoke our fruits apple pomegranate, seeds and skins pips and blood. so we say go forth spirits you are honoured your are loved you are forgiven and there are no chains, no deeds left to be worried or done or undone, be free spirit – visit when you wish not because youre chained. light the candles but fear not the dark. all ghosts are hungry but your heart is big enough to feed and sooth them. your heart is strong enough to be soft un concerned with righteousness, justice, right or wrong.
and this is the night this is the night we say to them come feed drink rest we will not betray you.
and this is the night we mark the veil between the worlds we live in, this road between worlds we journey.
and when the moments right we’ll know and rising up from peaceful space bid adieu and journey out for tonight is the night we mark the living and all that may or may not be. this is the night we have the courage to look at what is and say we do not know we do not need we do not want and oh how yes that anything can happen perhaps dressed up in outlandish costumes we spin and dance and kick as high as we can our feet as if the stars and moon truly were the sidewalks of our trick or treating life.

rail road poetry project

Submissions If you have read the Railroad Poetry Project Manifesto and believe that Railroad is an appropriate representative to exhibit your poetry then please submit your genius following these guidelines:...
For details go to main site:


for ursula leguin

pd lyons poem For Ursula

danse macabre du jour

two poems by pd lyons published by  (what a cool name for a magazine!)
BoomerzI live only in memory.The day to day does not inspire me,Only wanting to sit here and think of what used to beStrung out on the drug America.Safe only in my own home,Locked doors, paid ta...



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pd lyons poetry: new poetry project- link to video invitation.

pd lyons poetry: new poetry project- link to video invitation.: pdlyonspoetry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v ­=Sjr-...

thank you ides of march

Congratulations! Your poems "Tattoo on Leaving Gettysburg" and "King Loaghaire" have been published in the September issue.

Thanks again for your contribution.


Samuel T. Franklin
Editor, The Ides of March Journal


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why do i like vox poetica? they have impeccable taste in poetry.

why do i like vox poetica? they have impeccable taste in poetry.

Contributor Series 9: If Men Had Ears
When I wrote new songs and you would listen out of friendship
By PD Lyons

Where we were always cool
By the reservoir
In the pines
Up some stairs tucked into angular corners
Warm winter kitchens smelling of gas
Down by the factories
Not sleeping all night
Into a morning of crisp clean cold
Out on the back door landing
Three flights below the city without fear we knew

PD Lyons’ most recent poem to appear here was I Thought You Were in Another Room That Wasn’t There (May 2011).
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I Thought You Were in Another Room That Wasn’t There

PD Lyons’ most recent poem to appear here was Another Summer, published as part of Contributor Series 7: The Confessional Diary of Bone. He is working on a really cool video project. To learn more about it, click here.

I Thought You Were in Another Room That Wasn’t There
By PD Lyons

Across from the end of the bed
Kitchen draped in honey glow
Just as I was drifting off
Clang & Patter
Pots & Pans
Wondering what it was that you’d be cooking
Turned my head saw nothing there

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PD Lyons Poetry Project

vox poetica contributor PD Lyons has announced his new poetry project and he needs YOUR help! The idea is to post a bunch of videos on YouTube of people reading his poetry. You can find his poetry here in the poemblog (search using the advanced search button and make sure you click title and contents and all), in some of the vox anthologies, and at his blog. You can see his invitation to join the project here. I’m going to do this and so should you! del.icio.us  Stumbleupon  Technorati  Digg
Posted by Annmarie at 2/10/2011 1:48 PM | Add Comment

Contributor Series 7: The Confessional Diary of Bone, Another Summer

Contributor Series 7: The Confessional Diary of Bone
Another Summer
By PD Lyons

95 degrees
4th of July
Bare Trees, Winter Night; oldie not so familiar says the radio

this is age
& what it’s like
& how is there anything else now?

But poplars silver
still sounds like rain
quick sand springs still stream
maples shade deep gorge brooks
high stones circle the pool
of where going down to the horse bones
we were kids

PD’s most recent poem to appear at vox poetica was Wordsilk, which was published as part of Contributor Series 6: A Currency of Words.

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Contributor Series 6: A Currency of Words, Wordsilk

Contributor Series 6: A Currency of Words
By PD Lyons
reminding me of words like
border line
crescent coyote
ancient timbers
polished smooth as kisses
abandoned eyes of ship-wrecked sailors
myriad pin prick suns
flightless birds
something Spanish that you
said along a twilight
Ishmael to Ishmael
all the nights we’ve ever known
not bothering the quiet
PD Lyons made his most recent appearance at vox poetica in August 2010 with Perennials.
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PD Lyons last offering to us was the evocative Loch Lene. Today’s poem is similarly rich in images but even more spare in language. Do you garden? You may find yourself considering what your plants know of you the next time you’re digging in their beds.

By PD Lyons
impressions of
your hands
and knees
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Loch Lene

PD Lyons started writing poetry long long ago in the dream time when he was 12; he has continued ever since. His work has been published in magazines and he’s had two books published by Lapwing Press. He is originally from Connecticut and is living currently in Ireland. You can keep up with him by visiting his blog. This poem delivers splendid imagery with few words.
Loch Lene
(for Shelly)
By PD Lyons
Undulate of diamond silhouettes
North wind skirts a pirouette
Past a fishing heron
Fingerling samurai silver shadow breath
Quiet so deep it echoes
Not one golden dream left behind
You’re where I’m gonna be forever

new book project

Project Summary

Wanting To Be In The Old Tongue: poems related to an Irish descent Authored by PD Lyons
List Price: $10.00
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
80 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1466272996
ISBN-10: 1466272996
BISAC: Poetry / American / General
modern poetry related to Irish and Celtic and Modern themes

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

pd lyons newest collection is now available!


Rumours of Another Summer

Authored by PD Lyons

Modern Irish American poetry of a very fine sort

Publication Date:
Jul 27 2011
1463769288 / 9781463769284
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
6" x 9"
Black and White
Related Categories:
Literary Collections / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh